HSE Fee for Intervention (FFI) – Launched October 2012

In October 2012 the Health & Safety Executive launched a new scheme entitled the Fee for Intervention scheme. Under the new scheme inspectors who make visits to organisations and find that there has been a ‘material breach’ under new health & safety regulations are obliged to write to the organisation and charge for the time of the visit and the follow up administration.

The HSE FFI is charged at a rate of £124 per hour. This can make the visit a very expensive one and the breach would still need to be addressed. Chem Clear aims to ensure that their clients do not risk fees for storing or disposing of hazardous waste and chemicals incorrectly.

Under the new Fee for Intervention scheme the inspector can decide what would constitute a material breach when it comes to chemicals and hazardous waste. Inadequate storage, uncontrolled disposal, excessive storage and lack of monitoring and maintenance may be classed as a material breach.

Given that the HSE raised almost £750,000 in fees for the 3 months between October and December 2012 it would be wise to understand your position with regard to chemicals and other hazardous waste products and materials.

How Chem Clear Can Help

Contact Chem Clear for comprehensive and professional advice on how to ensure you are complying with UK law and not risking any unnecessary large fees or fines.