Chem Clear Waste Disposal Services

Its amazing how many people are unaware of the regulations in relation to the storage and disposal of chemical containers and packaging. Under the ‘control of substances hazardous to health’ (COSHH) there are thousands of products used daily that are deemed Hazardous Waste (HW). The law now dictates that all products deemed as such are stored correctly and disposed of in a correct manner. This applies to containers and packaging which has contained these products.

In October 2012, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) launched the ‘Fee for intervention scheme’. This basically means that if an inspector attends a premises and finds a ‘material breach’, they will write to the organisation, giving them 21–30 days for the breach to be corrected. For this, they invoice the company an average of £372. With all this in mind it is essential that everyone knows what their responsibilities are when handling Hazardous materials.

Recent changes have meant that as a rule of thumb all empty containers / packaging needs to go down the hazardous waste disposal route, and is not considered general waste. When storing hazardous waste, store in a container that it can’t get out of, and is placed somewhere where it is safe and protected from the elements. It’s important to note that certain products will have special storage needs, so ensure you follow the correct instructions on the Safety Data Sheets as and when required.

Disposal of waste products must be done through a licensed waste disposal company who will provide you with the essential paperwork needed eg. Transfer or Consignment note. ChemClear are a family run business which prides itself on giving every customer a ‘personal service’. Having been dealing with waste for over ten years, we now operate across the UK and help support our customers to ensure their chemicals are stored correctly and hazardous waste disposed of properly. We do all the paperwork leaving you to get on with the day to day job!

If you want to find out more about hazardous waste disposal and ChemClear please get in touch and we would be happy to help!