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Disposal Of Chemical Containers

How much a year do you produce? Have you got plans in place to safely dispose of the waste? Are you happy with the arrangements you have in place? As a user of Hazardous Materials you have a legal obligation to ensure you store, monitor and dispose of all Hazardous materials in a correct and […]

Chem Clear Waste Disposal Services

Its amazing how many people are unaware of the regulations in relation to the storage and disposal of chemical containers and packaging. Under the ‘control of substances hazardous to health’ (COSHH) there are thousands of products used daily that are deemed Hazardous Waste (HW). The law now dictates that all products deemed as such are […]

HSE Fee for Intervention (FFI) – Launched October 2012

In October 2012 the Health & Safety Executive launched a new scheme entitled the Fee for Intervention scheme.  Under the new scheme inspectors who make visits to organisations and find that there has been a ‘material breach’ under new health & safety regulations are obliged to write to the organisation and charge for the time […]